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Session 11
Reaiah True
"One Day in Paradise"
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Elevated Conversation with

Born overseas in Jordan, Reaiah True has since crisscrossed the United States, living in New York, California, Texas, Maryland and Maine before settling in West Michigan.

Reared on classical music, folk, soul and jazz, the singer and guitarist has worked in musical theater, toured with rock legend Neil Young as a dancer in his “Greendale” production and appeared in several under-the-radar movies, including 2009’s “Modus Operandi” with actor Danny Trejo.

True has flourished and found her voice as a reggae musician in the group Mystic Dub, encouraged by her husband and bandmate, drummer Juan (John) Carlos.

Since 2005, Mystic Dub has gotten plenty of folks dancing as one of West Michigan’s few reggae groups. The group brings its slice of Jamaican sunshine and uplifting messages to audiences through its concerts, a 2010 studio album produced by bluesman Donald Kinsey and a 2013 live recording.

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