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Session 12
Patty PerShayla &
The Mayhaps
"One Day in Paradise"
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Elevated Conversation with
Patty Pershayla and the Mayhaps

Patty PerShayla, a former small-town pageant queen, has become a rock 'n' roll powerhouse, winning the WYCE Jammie Award for Best Rock/Pop Album for her solo EP, Oracle Bones, and forming a band called Patty PerShayla & The Mayhaps.  


After releasing their blues-infused, riff-driven debut album, Cheap Diction (2021), the group road-tested their live set, playing over a hundred shows across the Midwest and East Coast, then packed the van for a move to Nashville.


Despite being a three-piece band, The Mayhaps have developed a larger-than-life sound with soaring guitar solos and compelling vocal moments, featuring a spectacle of a five-foot-two (-and-three-quarters) woman, hooting and strutting across the stage, gracefully wielding a bass guitar almost the size of her wingspan.


Patty also collaborates with other artists and has cultivated a dedicated audience on Patreon, documenting her songwriting process and performing cover songs chosen by patrons. The band plans to release an EP and record their next full-length album in 2023.

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