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Session 16
"Love On Hold"
Elevated Conversation with
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Wht.rbbt.obj, fronted by Frank & River Rabbitte, is a Chicago-based alternative rock band with a bluesy and raw sound. Initially a secret project between the Rabbittes, it has evolved into a four-member force. Their style, a mix of Amy Winehouse and The Black Keys with a gritty twist, has earned acclaim from critics like James Van Osdol and NPR's Greg Kot. Their single "Jolene's Reply" was lauded for its hard-hitting groove, while their latest release has stirred excitement for its intense and unique sound.

The band's achievements include a Critics Choice Award at the 2022 Richmond International Film & Music Festival and a songwriting accolade from the USA Songwriting Competition for "Once More Down The Rabbit Hole." Wht.rbbt.obj beckons listeners into their enigmatic world, maintaining an air of secrecy among those familiar with the band.

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