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Talent Discovery
Photo 2 Walt & Tina Wilkins.jpg

Humans have been listening to music since the beginning of time, and from time to time, an artist will come along and change the way we hear music forever. These artists, these acts, these bands have the potential to impact millions of people. Where is that band, that act, that musician? Where are they performing today? How can we put them in front of the audience they deserve?

We here at Elevator a Go Go are looking for such an artist, band or sound that will wake up the world once again. Submit your band or artist here.

Elevator a Go Go is a unique sound and visual recording studio that is elevating the way the world discovers new music. Help us search for the artist or band who is next in line, who’s time it is to touch ears, hearts and minds. An artist who makes the music that makes us want to celebrate life, hug each other or completely let our hair down and rock out.


We’re planning to begin with 3 cities: Chicago, Nashville and New Orleans. Tell us who are the most unique acts, bands and musicians from those areas, and share the music and info with us by submitting them here.

Tell us Chicago, Nashville and New Orleans, what act, what band or musician have you’ve seen…  have you heard…. that can wake up the world? Submit your band now!

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