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Session 14
"Loved Me Like a Weapon"
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Elevated Conversation with
Brie Stoner

Brie Stoner is a multicultural musician and songwriter based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, drawing inspiration from her background in dreamy indie-folkrock music. Working with producers like Jay Bennett and David Vandervelde, Brie's music has been featured in various international TV and film campaigns. Besides her music career, Brie is also a podcast host of "Unknowing" and featured author in "The Call To Unite." Despite the pandemic, Brie returned to her roots and wrote her latest album in English, Spanish, and French. Her new single, "Loved Me Like a Weapon," is out now, and the album "Me Veo" will release in 2023.

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Session 13
"An Infinite Kiss"
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Elevated Conversation with
Pink SKy

Pink Sky is an electronic band and art project led by husband and wife team Ryan and Angelica Hay. They create emotional electronica and art-rock with live drums and visual projections that resonate in clubs, galleries, and public spaces. The band's extensive catalog reflects their journey towards healing and personal growth, and their upcoming album Total Devotion sees them incorporating live instrumentation and vocals for the first time.

Ryan and Angelica formed Pink Sky as a way to escape their traumas, and since their debut album FORMS, they have been documenting their personal realizations and reflections in their music. After the release of Meditations I and II, the band spent two years focusing on their craft and expanding their musical capabilities. Total Devotion is the story of their love, dreams, and struggles, and represents the most authentic version of Pink Sky yet.

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Session 12
"Slo Mo"
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Elevated Conversation with
Patty Pershayla and the Mayhaps

Patty PerShayla, a former small-town pageant queen, has become a rock 'n' roll powerhouse, winning the WYCE Jammie Award for Best Rock/Pop Album for her solo EP, Oracle Bones, and forming a band called Patty PerShayla & The Mayhaps.  


After releasing their blues-infused, riff-driven debut album, Cheap Diction (2021), the group road-tested their live set, playing over a hundred shows across the Midwest and East Coast, then packed the van for a move to Nashville.


Despite being a three-piece band, The Mayhaps have developed a larger-than-life sound with soaring guitar solos and compelling vocal moments, featuring a spectacle of a five-foot-two (-and-three-quarters) woman, hooting and strutting across the stage, gracefully wielding a bass guitar almost the size of her wingspan.


Patty also collaborates with other artists and has cultivated a dedicated audience on Patreon, documenting her songwriting process and performing cover songs chosen by patrons. The band plans to release an EP and record their next full-length album in 2023.

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Session 11
Reaiah True
"One Day in Paradise"
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Elevated Conversation with

Born overseas in Jordan, Reaiah True has since crisscrossed the United States, living in New York, California, Texas, Maryland and Maine before settling in West Michigan.

Reared on classical music, folk, soul and jazz, the singer and guitarist has worked in musical theater, toured with rock legend Neil Young as a dancer in his “Greendale” production and appeared in several under-the-radar movies, including 2009’s “Modus Operandi” with actor Danny Trejo.

True has flourished and found her voice as a reggae musician in the group Mystic Dub, encouraged by her husband and bandmate, drummer Juan (John) Carlos.

Since 2005, Mystic Dub has gotten plenty of folks dancing as one of West Michigan’s few reggae groups. The group brings its slice of Jamaican sunshine and uplifting messages to audiences through its concerts, a 2010 studio album produced by bluesman Donald Kinsey and a 2013 live recording.

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Third Coast Swing is heavily influenced by the  music of the late Belgium born Romani Gypsy, Django Reinhardt & His band, The Hot Club Of Paris 1930’-1940’s. Django’s music is steeped in tradition of a rich culture from Europe, and blended with Swing era jazz.
Third Coast Swing specializes in the styles of Gypsy Swing, Gypsy Bossa, Bolero, French Musette & more.  Think Louis Armstrong with a French accent. 
Third Coast was founded by guitarist Stephen Plummer whose love for this music led him to reach out to study and play with musician & Gypsy Jazz educator Denis Chang, and later the Manouche Guitarist Favino Lorrier who hails from the legendary Lorrier & Schmitt family. A family of Gypsy musicians in France who are direct disciples of Django’s music.

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Lifelong friends and deep-north natives, musical group Michigan Rattlers play heavy-hearted folk-rock with an aching dose of Midwestern nice. Graham Young (guitar), Adam Reed (upright bass), Christian Wilder (piano), and Tony Audia (drums) began writing music and performing together in their Northern Michigan high school.

They regularly played every bar, cafe, and stage in town, developing a musical chemistry informed by the likes of AC/DC, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bob Seger, and more.

In 2018, following a massive summer tour that included stops at Bonnaroo, Firefly and Electric Forest; the band released their highly anticipated debut full length album, 'Evergreen,' on September 28th. "This is a band with solid songwriting chops and instrumental skills," says No Depression. "'Evergreen' shows this three-piece from Petoskey, Michigan making a stand, making their way."

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Desmond Jones is a five-piece American rock band from Michigan. With original music written to complement the group's sound as a whole, the music is centered around melodic guitar riffs, funky bass lines, groovy drumbeats, and smooth saxophone. The group takes influence from Frank Zappa, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Charles Mingus, Phish, The Band, and Led Zeppelin to name a few. Desmond Jones puts on exciting and high-energy shows with a high level of musicianship and skillful improvisation. Each show, set list, and song is different from night to night.


The group has played 800 shows all over the country and has shared the stage with bands like Papadosio, Ripe, Joe Russo's Almost Dead, EOTO, Here Come the Mummies, Aqueous, Mungion, Dopapod, Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers, and many more. Desmond Jones has released two EPs and three full length studio albums available on all major platforms. The band is touring in 2022 and hitting every diner along the way.

Serving up plain and simple country music, The Bootstrap Boys make the kind of honest fare that will stick to your ribs and make you feel warm inside. Their tunes come in all kinds of different flavors, but each one of them comes to you chicken-fried and smothered in that sweet old country sound.


"Understanding the deep well of talent that is Rachel Brooke, “a country singer from Michigan,” will not disappoint, but she will ask you to check your more conventional expectations at the door. Your reward is a chance to join in on a midnight jaunt through graveyards and dreams, awhirl with Jungian shadows, headstrong grit, and gothic Americana being made by ladies with guns. ...In terms of Rachel Brooke, Nashville will be lucky to eventually discover her, but it will always be Detroit that really gets her." --Cat Celebrezze  Perfect Sound Forever

Session 4
"Show Me the Money"
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True to the Michigan rock and roll spirit of Bob Seger, Rare Earth and Grand Funk Railroad, the soulful West Michigan native’s original music delivers a level of compassion, understanding and depth well beyond his years. He has also lent his voice to bands like Stone Soup and the Broken Teeth, Devin and the Dead Fretz, and The Revolving Door. Reaching over 300,000 streams on Spotify in 2019, and with new projects on the horizon, Nathan continues to create and share his love through his music.  ​

Texas Outlaw Folk recording artist and self-proclaimed creator of the genre. The Last Knife Fighter resides on a small piece of acreage in a rural county roughly an hour north west of Fort Worth or as he states “I like to call it a chicken and thought farm and the hens stopped laying around a year ago”. This is the real North Texas, for better or worse. Oil money and sweat money and dirty money mixed in every cash register.


His writing style has been compared to names like Townes Van Zandt, Guthrie, Cash with his own brand of contemporary misery.​


The Young Fables (TYF) are the promising Modern Traditional Country™ duo comprised of three-time American Idol vet Laurel Wright and Gretsch endorsed guitarist and vocalist Wesley Lunsford. The team is best known for their appearance on USA’s showcase television series Real Country featuring Shania Twain.

Session 1
Bobby Haggard
"Soon Ah Will Be Done"
by William L Dawson


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